How can I help?

Fingerprints Across Africa exists to help vulnerable and at risk widows, HIV+ women and orphans in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe through developing locally sustainable initiatives.

Due to poverty, lack of education, no job skills, and prevalence of diseases including tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, the widows and orphans in Africa are often very vulnerable to abuse, neglect, malnutrition, trafficking, and for girls as young as age 9 being sold as child brides. Fingerprints Across Africa is committed to partnering with local initiatives and churches in holistically meeting these needs by providing the needed training, skills development, and education along with spiritual care for widows and orphans to develop self-sustainable micro-enterprises in which they can provide hope and a future for themselves. Sustainable initiatives include drop in day cares for orphaned preschoolers, skills training for teen orphans and widows, and orphan family homes for high risk vulnerable orphans. Check out the Projects for more information, and join us in making a lasting impression on the lives we touch!

“Once someone touches your heart, the fingerprints last forever.”

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